Reducing Expenses – Food

capture-7Remember that I want to combine two passions – Money and Food. Let’s start on that right now. One of the more significant expenses that we all have is food. We spend money at the supermarket, a quick Starbucks, snacks, fast food, restaurants. It can be the silent budget killer.

The good news is that by making some small lifestyle changes, you can make significant reductions in the food budget, increase your culinary knowledge, possibly loose weight and feel healthier.


This is something I made today – “Mexican Sushi”. Tortilla wraps filled with a thin layer of cream cheese (helps to stick when rolled), pepper jack cheese, teriyaki chicken, sushi rice and cucumber/avocado. Four wraps with all the fillings cost $9.00 and made 44 ‘sushi’ slices. Super tasty, filling and healthy.

I’ll put the recipe in the Food page, where there will be a growing list of food ideas and recipes.

Here is the one takeaway from this post. What are you eating tomorrow (or did you eat today). What did it cost? What is your budget per person per meal or per day.

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