Overheating, Shaking, Fainting……


Is this what happens to you when you look at your financial situation? Do you break into a cold sweat thinking about how to get through the next week, two weeks or month?
If that is the case, then it really is time to take stock of where you are. Look at the blog Digging a hole. Start a simple budget describing all the sources of income, and expenses for the month. For expenses, list them in priority order:

  1. Rent/Mortgage
  2. Lights/water
  3. Food
  4. Everything else

Why that order? The first three cover the basics of survival – shelter, heat, food and water. You need those to get by on a day to day basis.

For everything else, include all expenses – car loan, minimum credit card payments, daycare, gas etc….. Then list them highest to lowest.

Have you noticed anything that is higher than you thought. Can something be done to reduce any of the expenses – a cheaper car, cut out the trips to Starbucks, work out day care with a family member or friend.

Look at your sources of income. Ar you paying into a 401k or other retirement plan? If you are then put that on hold right now. Can you work overtime, or additional days. Can you get a second source of income e.g. Uber? What about your partner, can he/she do something to increase income?

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