img_3394Hi there!

My name is Martin Stone. Welcome to the about me page.

My life has see-sawed back and forth from being young and living on carrot soup, to more recently having a high paying job. Now I am in the position of being ‘retired’. It’s been a fun journey and I want to share some of those experiences as we create our own “recipe” for saving.


Originally from the United Kingdom, I moved to the USA 19 years ago having found a great job over here. As an engineer, I had a couple of jobs in the UK and then made the bold move to take a job offer with a small company in Malaysia. Unfortunately the company was a little too small and it folded after only one year, but during that time we had some great experiences, especially when it comes to wonderful food.

I then landed a wonderful job in an awesome location in Southern California, and continued working there, receiving a great paycheck, good bonuses and stock options until fairly recently. I took the decision to retire early after years of calculating the possibilities and permutations. As a result, almost two years later, things are on track and I am happier than ever. Do I still miss work? From the financial perspective and day to day interaction – Yes, but not having to be a company man any more is such a stress relief that I am very happy I made the decision.

Additional Income

Since ‘retiring’ I have had jobs in a supermarket deli, Uber and now demonstrating food for Boars Head. I do this for both the life experience, interactions with others and a little extra income. Any money you can earn without feeling that you really have to ‘work’ for it is a little less money you need to take from your nest egg. In writing this blog, I hope that there is a possibility of a small amount of income many years down the road – but I am not holding my breath!

Where Are You In Your Financial Journey

Have you noticed the never ending lists of magazines, tv/radio shows, videos, books and yes blogs (!) that talk about our finances. I hope that you have been able to glean some information from these places. However, if you have started to read this far, I am assuming you have even more interest in learning more about your finances.

Where are you in your financial journey? Carrot soup, great job, planning retirement, or retired?

I think no matter where you are, I can provide some input to help you get where you want to be.

That’s why I decided to create this blog. I want to share some of my life experiences and things I have learned. In doing so, I hope to shed some light on issues at large and answer any questions you may have. Hopefully we can have some fun along the way!

Financial Success

Financial success means different things to different people. I know you have that answer right now off the top of your head. Write it down. Then start to look at the issues you may have- time, salary, expenses, debt…..

I’ll have more posts laying this out in more detail and working through a process based on a number of recipes that is simple and makes sense.

Are You In?

If the idea of getting to terms with your financial success sounds exciting to you, then consider me as your blogging tutor. Bookmark this website and be sure to visit as often as is needed, until you have your “recipe for saving” fully mapped out

All the best.

Martin Stone